A conversation with: Denis Redonnet

In June you can join the Conversation with EU Chief Trade Enforcement Officer.

The position was only created in 2020, but the expectations and ambitions are big.

The objective is to ensure the benefits of trade liberalization and provide a level playing field, according to all the multilateral and bilateral rules negotiated by the EU.

4 May 2021

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The World Customs Organization and trade in the times of Covid19

The pandemic has disrupted our way of life. Customs play a key role in strengthening a country’s resilience. The Deputy Secretary-General of the World Customs Organization, Ricardo Treviño, will be speaking to Cesar Guerra, Partner and Trade Director in Euraffex, about the changes in customs’ practices, the process of adaptation to a new reality, and how countries work together to face today’s challenges.

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23 November 2020

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Euraffex y Ansley organizan evento sobre el Pacto Verde Europeo y las consecuencias para el comercio

Bruselas/Ciudad de México. El 14 de Octubre se llevó a cabo el webinar “El Pacto Verde Europeo: la estrategia de la Unión Europea para alcanzar la neutralidad en 2050, ¿cómo afectará a las exportaciones mexicanas?” organizado por las empresas líderes en consultoría Euraffex, con base en Bruselas, y Ansley Consultores, en Ciudad de México.

El evento contó con la presencia de Ildefonso Guajardo, Ex-Secretario de Economía de México y presidente de Ansley, y la Sra. Lina Aburous, Directora Ejecutiva de Euraffex, quienes dieron las palabras de bienvenida a los participantes y abrieron el evento dando un panorama de la situación mundial en temas económicos ambientales y comerciales, con énfasis en Europa y México

16 October

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Euraffex and Ansley announce strategic partnership to provide innovative and integrated services in Europe, Latin America and beyond

Euraffex the leading Brussels based powerhouse boutique agency, specialised in Strategy, Communications, European and Governmental Affairs, and Ansley the Mexico City-based renowned consulting firm, leader in providing strategic advice for governments and businesses on public affairs, international trade and investment & regulatory issues, announced its strategic partnership to strengthen its practices and geographical reach...

28 July 2020

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