Euraffex and Ansley announce strategic partnership to provide innovative and integrated services in Europe, Latin America and beyond

Brussels/Mexico City- Euraffex the leading Brussels based powerhouse boutique agency, specialised in Strategy, Communications, European and Governmental Affairs, and Ansley the Mexico City-based renowned consulting firm, leader in providing strategic advice for governments and businesses on public affairs, international trade and investment & regulatory issues, announced its strategic partnership to strengthen its practices and geographical reach. 

The MOU, which was signed by Lina Aburous, Managing Director of Euraffex and Juan Carlos Baker, CEO and Founding partner at Ansley, provides the framework for collaboration and underlines the complementarity of profiles to attend to the rapidly changing needs of the diverse set of clients, including; governments, trade associations, multinationals and SMEs around the World. This strategic alliance will foster the presence of both agencies in Europe and Latin America, in addition to expanding the range of services. Continuous exchange of information is a key feature of the agreement in order to be ahead of the curve on the latest policy developments that impact stakeholders in Europe, Mexico and beyond. 

Euraffex and Ansley aim at developing joint projects, as a natural result of the seasoned expertise on providing strategic solutions on public and government relations, and communications, with a focus on trade, investment, environment, agriculture, climate, security and defense and regulations. Euraffex is Brussels reference in assisting governments to navigate within the EU, and Ansley in Mexico conformed of former high-level trade officials, including Mexico’s former Trade Minister Ildefonso Guajardo. 

Commenting of this alliance, Lina Aburous said: “The needs and nature of the clients are changing, which is an opportunity for specialized boutique agencies like Euraffex and Ansley to consolidate its efforts and expand the outreach. Europe needs to deepen its position in the World more, especially in key markets like Mexico and other Latin American countries. The World needs to understand the complexity of Europe in order to be able to expand its work, and this alliance with the reputable Ansley is a key step to serve clients on both sides of the ocean.” 

“In the aftermath of the Covid-19, Mexico will become an important hub for global companies. As supply chains shortens, uncertainty remains a fixed feature of the business environment. Ansley and Euraffex can help companies in Europe and in Mexico capitalize conditions in both regions, for better results.” said Juan Carlos Baker, CEO and Founding Partner at Ansley.

28 July 2020



Lina Aburous, Managing Director, 
+32 474 19 01 98


Juan Carlos Baker, CEO, 
+52 1 55 3233 2413

About Euraffex: 

Euraffex ensures that its partners fully achieve their goals. Our priority sectors are agriculture, climate, trade, security and defence. Based on our in-depth knowledge of both the dynamics of the European Institutions, and European stakeholders as well as the media landscape, we excel in guiding governmental partners through the labyrinth of the European Union and its Brussels multiple key stakeholders. We therefore provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

About Ansley: 

Ansley focuses on providing strategic advice for governments and businesses on public affairs, international trade and investment & regulatory issues. We understand that successful solutions require a strong technical basis and we have that knowledge, but also the political savvy to make them work in a complex reality. Our team brings a strong balance of technical knowledge, international experience and strategic thinking for problem-solving. This allows us to help our clients in the design of creative strategies and solutions that allow them to strengthen their businesses and be innovative, in a complex and uncertain international environment.